Note: Sorry for the wait, everyone! I’ve been posting status updates on Tumblr in order to decrease clutter here. Long story short, I went to E3 2015 and got eaten by my internship. Now let’s get things back on track!

Square-Enix was not doing well during the PS3’s mid-life cycle. The ambitious mythos of Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystallis announced during the early years—when PS3 and Xbox 360 were truly the next generation—began to crumble almost immediately after the release of Final Fantasy XIII. Final Fantasy Agito became Type-0, and then didn’t arrive on PSP for NA and EU at all. XIII ended up with two sequels and an overall mixed reception. Final Fantasy Versus XIII became Final Fantasy XV, changed directors and stories, and has yet to be released to this day.

Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 released in 2010, before the delayed development cycle was well on its way. It was the second Final Fantasy MMORPG of the series and underwent several different shifts before it officially launched for the PS3 and Windows (a 360-friendly version was rumored but never came to light). The world was large, the animations were fairly fluid, and it became immediately criticized for being buggy and in nowhere near out of beta. Staff changes were implemented by then-president Yoichi Wada almost immediately, and Naoki Yoshida was hired onto the team as the game’s main director and producer in December 2010. XIV 1.0 chugged along for another two years, with the PS3 release continually delayed from its original March 2011 date.

On October 14, 2011, Square-Enix announced it would be re-launching the game as Final Fantasy XIV 2.0. Yoshida began development changes and received community feedback during the remainder of 1.0, but most players weren’t even charged for their subscription. Free 30-day trials became indefinite, and billing for 1.0 didn’t start until January 6, 2012. The servers were shut down that November for preparations of the re-launch’s alpha test, but the damage at the time was immense. Bravely Default released a month prior in Japan, but foreign audiences wouldn’t see a localized release until December 2013. Kingdom Hearts was arguably the only franchise still bringing in consistent profit, although the multitude of titles across multiple consoles and the delay of Kingdom Hearts 3 (TBA) slowed any momentum the series had. The rise of other JRPG and various Western successes caught hold of the fans tired of waiting and reeled them away.

This could go on, but what mattered was that on November 11, 2012, the online world Square-Enix built ended, and they made sure it was televised.

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State of the backlog: hoo, boy.

Amazon shipped my copy of Majora’s Mask 3D last night and left it at my door a half-hour ago! Total personal cost: three dollars. All tax.

Looks like leveling up Shulkiibo (aka Roth Mantel) will have to wait.

I also apologize for the lack of updates since the Xenoblade Direct. The life backlog cleared out and queued up with a vengeance. More on that later! For now, let’s all enjoy the end of the world.


Hey, Nintendo/Xeno fans! Just a reminder that there will be a new Nintendo Direct all about Xenoblade Chronicles X coming up in a few hours! It’ll start at 10pm for Japanese viewers, 1PM GMT for those around the globe, and 5AM PST/8AM EST for US fans. I’ll be one of the unfortunates staying up past my bedtime, but I’m very excited to see what they show. Here’s hoping for some awesome footage!


Atlus has released new trailers of Persona 5 and the delayed Persona 4: Dancing All Night into the wild! You can find them below:

Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s trailer also confirmed a June 25th release date for Japanese gamers. Whoo! Other bonuses: two special editions deemed to have some super crazy value. The premium edition even includes a custom PS Vita.

I personally cannot wait to set myself on fire to discover my true self. The bigger question on my mind for the P5 trailer is this: Vincent of Catherine fame cameos?! In jail? Dream jail? Be okay, man!

More content to follow later today! I’ve been plugging at that backlog, and it’s time to let it drain away. Just like this metaphor.


It’s still the 31st here in PST-land, so here’s wishing everyone a happy 2015! The backlog may not have been defeated, but I played a large amount of great games, and I’m looking forward to the ones (finally) releasing in the coming year. I’m grateful to everyone that’s followed along so far, and I hope we continue to keep each other company as we attack the back.